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Matter G13 Inline Speed Wheels (2019)

Matter G13 Inline Speed Wheels (2019)
Matter G13 Inline Speed Wheels (2019)
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Price: $24.00
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Matter G13 Inline Skate Speed Wheel is the latest and greatest

If you want to stand on the winner’s podium you’ll need Matter G13 wheels on your skates. Matter developed the G13 wheel several years ago and it continues to dominate podiums around the world.
When it comes to track, road, or marathon racing, it doesn’t matter where people come from, what distance they race if they are sponsored or not, they know that when it’s time to win, they put on Matter G13.
The original Matter G13 was the most developed and tested wheel that our sport had ever seen. Since then, each time we have made updates to the wheel we have done so with the sole purpose of making the wheel faster and giving you more speed. As with all our racing products, the Matter G13 was developed in close conjunction with our racing teams around the world.
Matter is into its fourth generation of G13 and has now expanded the collection to include a 125mm size option.

Why Footprint instead of Hardness?

The footprint is more important than wheel hardness alone. The footprint is the compression size. In other words, the amount of wheel making contact with the surface. This changes with someone's weight, speed, and temperature and becomes even more critical when you are on the side of the wheel in the turns or doing the double push.

  • Made in the USA

The smaller the footprint, the harder the wheel.



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