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Matter Max G Inline Speed Wheels 110mm F2

Matter Max G Inline Speed Wheels 110mm F2
Product Code: 205139
Price: $25.00
This product has a minimum quantity of 1

Matter Max G Inline Skate Speed Wheel is the latest and greatest

Everything you liked about Matter G13 Wheel, but with added grip. This Matter wheel is designed to work together with G13 to ensure that you have everything you need for every racing condition. Again it was a close testing relationship between our company and our world-class racing team that leads to the development of this wheel.

Why Footprint instead of hardness?

The footprint is more important than wheel hardness alone. The footprint is the compression size. In other words, the amount of wheel making contact to the surface. This changes with someone's weight, speed, temperature and becomes even more important when you are on the side of the wheel in the turns or doing the double push.

  • Made in the USA.

The smaller the footprint, the harder the wheel.



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