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About Us

INTERNATIONAL ORDER INFORMATION:  Our website DOES NOT calculate international shipping costs which is explained in detail in the Delivery Information below.  If you wish to know the costs of shipping & handling, please inquire BEFORE placing your order.  If your order is placed we will process and complete your order without further correspondence.

Weber Sports is a company conceived from the love of all types of sports. In particular, inline speed skating & cycling. This is a family-owned company operated by people who have owned a rink and who do love sports. We've been around the rink, the outdoor flat track, the banked track, the road race, and around the country a time or two. We first discovered inline speed skates way back in 1992.  At that point, we knew inlines were here to stay. We intend to continue to expand the product lines of cycling accessories, inline speed, derby, quad, and recreational skating equipment. We plan to add, as our name implies, all types of SPORTS equipment. If you want something, just let us know and I guarantee we will listen. We are constantly working hard to improve this site. I hope you enjoy your visit.

You are the reason we are in business and we rely on referral business.  It would mean a lot to us if you would take a minute to leave us a review on Google!

 If you have any questions about equipment usage or need tips and tricks please contact us.  We will be more than happy to coach you and provide any advice you need.


Tim McCary

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