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Bont Red Magic Hardcore 2.0 125 Inline Speed Wheels

Bont Red Magic Hardcore 2.0 125 Inline Speed Wheels
Bont Red Magic Hardcore 2.0 125 Inline Speed Wheels
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Price: $192.00
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Bont Red Magic Hardcore 125 Inline Speed Wheels:  The fastest inline wheel on Earth

Sold in 6-Pack

New version 2.0 with the perfect bearing seat.

The Bont Red Magic Hardcore is the first 125mm professional racing wheel to use an aluminum hub. 125mm wheels are a lot larger than 110mm wheels so there is a lot more flex that needs to be controlled. We feel that the best way to control this flex is by upgrading the hub from plastic to aluminum. The new Bont Red Magic Hardcore has been an instant hit, winning the first race of the season in Berlin. The wheel has a full 24mm width, unlike some competitors that have opted for 20-22mm wheels. 

The urethane is poured by MPC and it uses their patented high rebound flex band. 

  • Made in the USA

NOTE:  Image is shown with bearing which is not included.

A few things you should know about Aluminum Hubs vs. Plastic Hubs:

A plastic hub bearing hole flexes, therefore it can be made slightly smaller than the bearing so when you insert the bearing in the hole, it doesn't fall back out.  With an aluminum hub, if the bearing hole is a fraction too small, the bearing will probably go in but will be difficult if not impossible to remove.  Most aluminum hub bearing hole tolerances are set at -0.00 +0.02mm.  What that means is that the bearing hole cannot be manufactured too small but it can be up to a maximum of 0.02mm larger.  In an aluminum hub wheel, you should expect a little bit of clicking noise from the steel bearing clicking against the aluminum hub and the bearing may easily fall out in your hand.  Don't be worried if you experience this as performance is not compromised.

If you are bothered by the clicking noise, we offer a precision bearing spacer which will eliminate the clicking noise and the bearing will be a perfect fit in the aluminum hub.

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