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Matter Code White Inline Speed Wheels 110mm

Matter Code White Inline Speed Wheels 110mm
Matter Code White Inline Speed Wheels 110mm
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Price: $23.00
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Matter Code White Inline Skate Speed Wheel is the latest and greatest in inline track racing.

This wheel is just made to turn left and go fast. Designed specifically for the intense world of high-level track racing where the smallest split second can be the difference between first and second and fulfilling your potential and not.
Since its debut at the 2014 World Championships where Colombia’s Pedro Causil took a commanding victory, it has been the wheel of choice for the world’s fastest skaters when they wanted to race on the track.
Matter has optimized the wheel formula to work best on the Vesmaco skating surfaces on which all world championships are held.
Again like all of our high-end racing wheels, we have expanded our collection once more to include 125mm wheels.

Why Footprint instead of Hardness?

The footprint is more important than wheel hardness alone. The footprint is the compression size. In other words, the amount of wheel making contact with the surface. This changes with someone's weight, speed, and temperature and becomes even more critical when you are on the side of the wheel in the turns or doing the double push.

  • Made in the USA

The smaller the footprint, the harder the wheel.



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