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Atom Fly IQ 110mm Inline Track Speed Wheels (Closeout)

Atom Fly IQ 110mm Inline Track Speed Wheels (Closeout)
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Price: $15.00
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Atom Fly IQ X-Flex Inline Skate Wheels:

One of the distinct characteristics of Atom Wheels is our dedication to research and innovation. In fact, our leading objective is to create Inline Skate products that consistently push the boundaries of innovation to achieve speeds faster tomorrow than today. We've also pressed ahead on the path of new technologies with a state-of-the-art, integrated spine ring, making Atom the first 4 component inline wheel in history!

Radial Spine Ring is a revolutionary system in inline wheel manufacturing. Combine Radial Spine Ring with iQ Technology and you have the most sophisticated wheel to ever reach the mass market.

iQ + Radial Spine Ring more uniformly distributes pressure and stress over the contact patch, which allows the wheel to heat up quicker and also avoids overheating in high-stress situations, such as on track.

1. iQ Ring: A poured urethane ring that acts as a posi-traction system allowing you to feel an unprecedented amount of energy throughout the entire push.

2. Radial Spine Ring: Patent protected technology providing structure to the iQ Ring allowing harder outer urethane and a softer iQ ring.

3. Hollow Cavity Technology (HCT): Patent protected technology engineered to disperse heat while allowing energy to build up and explode. It is known that all urethanes must move, and it is this movement that creates heat and wear. HCT doubles the life of your wheel on track and road.

4. Back Bone: Atom did reverse engineering compared to the standard. Leaving room for the HCT, the backbone is positioned downward toward the center of the wheel. Atom Backbone contributes to the most secure and true wheel available.

5. Reflex Core: Atom Wheels engineered the Reflex Core with iQ Technology in mind. Although this core has already won numerous National, World Championship and World Inline Cup titles it has always been our objective to push even further to perfect iQ Technology. Our course of action has been thorough and precise.

6. Xflex Core: Atom Wheels engineered the Xflex Core to be 15% lighter than the Reflex Core.


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