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Should you wear a Bicycle helmet?

Friday 18th July 2014

Why Should You Wear a Bicycle Helmet?

Sometimes riding a bike is just riding a bike.  Pure and simple.  Nothing too formal, nothing complicated, just hopping on and getting from point-A to point-B or even better, no point at all.  It's life at a pace that suits you and on your own terms.

To the store, to work or just a spin around the neighborhood.  No start times or pace lines, just you and the bike and what you need to get there in comfort and style. Bicycle helmets are designed to go with regular clothes or your race kit.  They are adaptable to the changing world around you.  Your finish line may be champagne and a trophy or simply a cup of coffee and the newspaper at the local coffee shop.

Cycling helmets come in a variety of colors and styles for every type of rider, and they're known to be so light, cool and comfortable that they practically disappear when you put one on.  Since a helmet is the single most effective means of preventing and reducing the severity of head injuries (anywhere from 45-88% of cyclists' brain injuries can be prevented by wearing a helmet) there's no good reason not to wear a helmet.

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