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Overview of CPSC Bicycle Helmet Safety Standards

Thursday 17th July 2014

CPSC Safety Standards

Helmet standards help to govern the design and integrity of helmets so that riders get products that are safe and well designed for the type of riding they enjoy.  When it comes to standards for cycling helmets sold in the USA, there are only 3 things to know:

1.  All cycling helmets sold in the USA must meet the government's CPSC standard.

2.  The CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) standard was developed with input from a number of sources, and it is based on the most recent analysis of usage and injury data for cycling.

3.  There are two versions of the CPSC standard - one for Adult and Youth helmets, and one for Infant helmets (children under five years old).

The difference between the two standards is the amount of coverage in the rear of the helmet.  You can determine which standard a helmet meets by looking at the box label and inside the helmet.

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