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TruRev Inline Skate Frame (Close Out Sale)

TruRev Inline Skate Frame (Close Out Sale)
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Price: $149.00
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TruRev Inline Skate Frame

Your inline skate frame is one of the most important components of your overall inline skate purchase.

Careful consideration should be taken when choosing a skate frame. This component should be the last component you need to penny pinch on considering it will last you the longest time. You will go through several boots, hundreds of wheels and bearings before you replace your good skate frame.

TruRev believes that the majority of competitive speed skaters in the future that skate both indoor and outdoor will have different skate frames so they can optimize their performance.

TruRev believes that no one skate frame is good for all skaters. We have seen tremendous results from skaters getting on the correct frame and type of frame. Getting on the correct frame depends on whether you are more proficient on the sprint, if you are a non-sprinter, your weight, height, skating ability, skating style and skating technique. The type of skate frame should be made from best material possible, have the best dimensions possible, strongest material and brace design, the right combination of flex/stiffness and the weight. TruRev exceeds these ingredients when compared to their competitors.


  • 3x100 • 122 Grams • 150mm & 165mm Spacing • 10.25" (260.35mm) Length
  • 5x84 • 176 Grams • 165mm Spacing • 13.5" Length

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