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Atom Skates P-51 Pilot Black Inline Speed Frames 4x105

Atom Skates P-51 Pilot Black Inline Speed Frames 4x105
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Price: $169.95
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Atom Skates P-51 Pilot:

Atom Skates Introduces the P-51 Pilot Inline Racing Frame

Atom Skates has been producing high quality racing frames since 1997 and our new P-51 Pilot by far, represents the strongest and most resilient frame we have EVER made.

What makes the P-51 Pilot so special?

Every detail was carefully considered during the design of the P-51 Pilot Frame with close attention paid to dimensions throughout our line-up. After working with an engineer and evaluating all frames currently on the market today, it became readily apparent to us why a radius frame is stronger than one that doesn't have continuity throughout the entire structure. It is proven that arches are stronger than angles and while most frames on the market today DO have some sort of arch in their design, it takes much more than simply having an arch in your frame to reap all the structural benefits. Nistevo took the arch design concept to another level ensuring consistent wall, bracing and platform thickness. Also, take notice of the unique flow and consistency of each column and window in the images of the P-51 Pilot

During extensive testing and research, we destroyed every frame on the market finding all the pros and cons of each brand. Two very important tests were administered measuring stress and resilience. Each frame was tested for impact and pressure as well as its failing point (at what point would the frame bend and not return to its original shape). The pressure test showed us resilience, how fast did the frame return to its original shape after it was under stress?

Putting the Focus on Strength

Something we have always looked to improve is the ultimate tensile strength of our frames. Knowing alloy materials used in our industry are limited, it is important to design a product to maximize performance and longevity from the materials that pre-exist. Once again, this meant utilizing arches, consistent surfaces and proper bracing. Weight reduction is for the most part, accomplished during the cosmetic finishes. We first and foremost wanted to design and build a frame that is the strongest and most responsive frame on the market. Upon achieving that goal, only then did we remove materials and created windows without jeopardizing the integrity of our product. We think you will agree that the resulting P-51 Pilot was worth the extra effort!

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