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Bont A-Frame Inline Speed Frame

Bont A-Frame Inline Speed Frame
Product Code: BAF.12.0.1103*
Price: $120.00
This product has a minimum quantity of 1

Bont A-Frame Inline Speed Frame:

Light And Fast!

The Bont A-Frame gets its strength from its unique design structure. All the stress points from the boot mounting to the wheel mounting are all strengthened by the A design. The frame fits 3 x 110mm wheels and has an along boot mounting that fits 155mm-165mm boots. This allows you to purchase this frame for your children and keep using it as their feet grow.

The frame fits up to 3 x 110mm wheels but you can start your child on 80mm wheels and they can move up to 84mm and 90mm as they grow. The graphics are hard anodized so the kids won't scratch them off if they fall over. The mounting will fit any boots from 155mm-165mm separation.

  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Boot Mounting: 2 Point 155mm-165mm
  • Axle Material: 7075 T6

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