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Enhancing Impact Management in the Giro Cipher

Sunday 8th June 2014

Vinyl Nitrile:  Enhancing impact management in the all-new Giro Cipher full-face helmet.

With the debut of the Giro Remedy full-face helmet in 2005, Giro highlighted the ASTM F1952 standard for downhill mountain biking because it was the first bicycle helmet standard to outline criteria for the chin bar to help manage impacts around the jawline.  Giro felt this was an important evolution in the design and performance of full-face bicycle helmets, especially for riders who push their limits on the trail.

In 2014, Giro is combining the benefits of full-face coverage with a material that can redefine the way bicycle helmet cushioning works:  Vinyl Nitrile (VN).  Unlike expanded polystyrene (EPS) or expanded Polypropylene (EPP) forms, VN is soft and flexible, allowing it to rebound and consistently absorb impact energy over more than a single impact when utilized appropriately.

The all-new Giro Cipher is the first mountain bike helmet to incorporate VN, marking a significant progression in the full-face helmet category.  By utilizing the benefits of this material to help manage impacts around the jawline, the Giro Cipher can better manage low-energy, day-to-day impacts in this sensitive area.  This enhances the performance of the helmet for riders who need the most relevant protective capability at race-winning speeds or for progressive lines in the park.

NOTE:  Any helmet should be inspected for damage after an impact and replaced if there are signs of damage or use that might compromise its performance.

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