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Giro Helmet Development

Monday 9th June 2014

Giro Helmet Development:

Three pounds.  The average adult brain weighs about three pounds.  It's a simple measurement for a scale, an instrument we're all familiar with.  There is, however, nothing simple about our brain.  It makes everything possible, from holding a pencil to turning a pedal to reading this page, is beautifully mysterious.

Giro is not an expert on the brain.  But Giro is an expert on how to help protect it, experts at figuring out how to create helmets that safeguard something we all treasure.  Giro's helmet development process is driven as much by the commitment to thoughtful design, modern engineering and state-of-the-art testing as it is by a simple reverence for what we are keeping safe.

From early sketches to clay models to impact testing, every step in a helmet's creation is guided by a clear goal:  to protect the rider's brain.  With that as Giro's mission, they can devote to making helmets that are lighter, more aerodynamic, more comfortable and more aesthetically elegant.  Your helmet should feel like an extension of you, and of the riding you love, whether it's alpine, climbs, ripping singletrack or simple summer cruising.

Giro never wants anyone to experience how well a helmet does its most important job.  Giro sends each and every one of their helmets into the world confident that, if it's put to the test, Giro has combined careful thought, deliberate design and rigorous testing to protect something vital:  YOU.

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