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How Do Giro Helmets Work?

Friday 18th July 2014

How Do Giro Helmets Work?

During a crash or fall, the helmet's liner compresses to absorb impact energy so that the brain doesn't move around the inside of the skull with as much force.  This reduces the likelihood of the most common brain injuries.

Each part of the helmet plays a role in the overall effectiveness of a helmet.

The Outer Shell:

All Giro and Bell Helmets feature a durable outer shell.  Some models use a lightweight in-mold shell made of polycarbonate plastic, some use hand-made fiberglass or carbon fiber shell.  Though each type of shell has specific benefits, they all have the same basic mission:

  1. Help distribute impact energy.
  2. Help protect against penetration by sharp objects.
  3. Help protect the liner from abrasions and knocks during day-to-day use.

The Interior Liner:

Giro and Bell Helmets feature EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam liners.  The purpose of the liner is to:

  1. Help prevent or reduce brain injury by absorbing the energy of an impact through its own compression, cracking, or destruction.

Since the liner is designed to compress in the event of an impact, a helmet should always be destroyed and replaced after any serious crash - even if it appears undamaged!


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