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Matter LETHAL II F0 Natural Inline Speed Wheels 110mm

Matter LETHAL II F0 Natural Inline Speed Wheels 110mm
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Price: $25.00
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Matter LETHAL II Inline Speed Skate Wheel is the latest and greatest:

Brand new Matter LETHAL II Indoor Wheels with the Snap-Band Technology that increases both grip and roll by utilizing a high-rebound band that will actually provide “snap” when the wheel is compressed and released. This “snap” allows for a faster recovery of the skate while the high rebound material is soft enough to increase the size of the wheel’s footprint when it is in contact with the skating surface. Put simply, it’s like no other wheel on the market and will allow skaters to grip and roll better than they thought possible. This is the FIRST four component design for an indoor wheel and is the beginning of taking inline speed skating to the next level. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Why Footprint instead of hardness?

The footprint is more important than wheel hardness alone. The footprint is the compression size. In other words, the amount of wheel making contact with the surface. This changes with someone's weight, speed, temperature and becomes even more important when you are on the side of the wheel in the turns or doing the double push.

The smaller the footprint, the harder the wheel.



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