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Skate Bearings

Skate Bearings


Inline and Quad Skate Bearings:

Replacing your inline or quad skate bearings is an easy and rewarding task whether you are upgrading to a smoother bearing or simply replacing old worn bearings.  Weber Sports offers many different skate bearings with the perfect one for your skating ability and budget.

There are different size skate bearings with the most popular being the 608 for use with an 8mm axle.  The 608 is used in all inline speed skates and most quad skates.  The 607 is used with a 7mm axle (or a 6mm axle and spacer) and is used in some quad skates and some recreational and hockey skates.  The 688 can only be used with an adaptor or within wheels specifically designed for this micro bearing.  Be sure of the correct size before ordering.

The bearing rating scale can be quite confusing.  Whether the rating is on the ABEC scale, SG scale, ILQ scale or just "Skate Rated", not always, but a good indicator of quality is the price and skater preference.

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Bionic Swiss Speed Skate Bearings 8mm Looking for more speed as well as a bearing that requires l..

Bones Ceramic Reds Skate Bearings: All Bones Bearings are Skate Rated to withstand..

Bones Swiss Ceramic Skate Bearings: All Bones Bearings are Skate Rated to withstand the dest..

Bones Reds Speed Skate Bearings Bones REDS are manufactured in China to our Bones Skate..

Bones Super Reds Speed Skate Bearings Bones Super REDS are manufactured in China to our..

Bones Super Swiss 6-Ball Skate Bearings Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings ..

Bones Swiss Labyrinth L2 Skate Bearings Bones Swiss L2 (Labyrinth 2).  The New Bones Swiss L..

Bones Swiss Skate Bearings Legendary Original Bones Swiss bearings made by Bones Bearings ar..

Bont ABEC 5 Speed Skate Bearings: Bont ABEC 5 bearing have been designed for the e..

Bont ABEC 7 Speed Skate Bearings: Bont ABEC 7 bearing have been designed for the elite racer..

Bont Jesa 608 Ceramic Speed Skate Bearings Bont Ceramic bearings are back, but better! In c..

Bont Jesa 688 Ceramic Speed Skate Bearings Bont partnered with Jesa for our high end speed skate ..

Jesa Bont Black Series 608 Steel Genuine Swiss Bearings Bont partnered with Jesa for our high-end..

Jesa Bont 688 Steel Genuine Swiss Bearings Bont partnered with Jesa for our high-end speed skate ..

DP52 CEO Swiss Speed Skate Bearings CEO Race Bearings by DP52 bring superior design, performance,..

Kwik Ceramic Speed Skate Bearings: Ceramic ball bearings accelerate faster and roll farther than ..

Kwik Swiss Nitride Speed Skate Bearings Utilizing proven Swiss-Made hardened chromium steel alloy..

Kwik Zenith Speed Skate Bearings High polish chrome steel races, heat-treated alloy balls, and fr..

Powerslide ABEC 5 Speed Skate Bearings: Oil lubricated, the Powerslide ABEC 5 bearings have a rub..

Wicked ABEC5 Freespin Speed Skate Bearings One of the most common questions about bearings, is “W..

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