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Giro Talon Vent Cover Kit

Giro Talon Vent Cover Kit
Product Code: -
Price: $15.99
This product has a minimum quantity of 1

Giro Talon Vent Cover Kit:

Lost or damaged your Giro Talon Vent Cover? This is the left and right side replacement Vent Cover. The helmet is not included.

Most downhill racing helmets lack vents, in part, because the International Ski Federation does not allow them, but also because vents are not aerodynamic. A quick glance at the Giro Talon shows only two rear vents, which are acceptable since they are rear-facing and covered with wire mesh. However, unscrew with your fingers the two removable aerodynamic race covers and you open up on the Giro Talon another six passive vents to cool you down when not racing.

  • Genuine Giro Replacement Part.

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