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Bicycle Helmet Crash Replacement Program

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Weber Sports is interested in your safety and in advancing state-of-the-art head protection.  Our bicycle helmet crash replacement program is more than a Giro or Bell Crash Replacement Program.  It is really a Safety Program which allows you to replace a helmet that is not safe.  If your helmet (any brand) is involved in an accident or is no longer safe to use, you most likely qualify to get a 25% credit toward a new Giro or Bell bicycle helmet (any model) by doing the following.


1.  Take a picture of your unsafe helmet and send it to us.  To speed up the process you can send the image with your Giro or Bell helmet order.  You can see our Giro & Bell helmets at this link.  If your helmet does not qualify for the credit we will not process your order without your prior approval.

2.  Use coupon code "SAFETY" to receive your credit.

3.  "Closeout" or "On Sale" helmets offered by Weber Sports do not qualify for an additional discount.  The "Closeout" or "On Sale" helmets are already discounted more than the amount offered under this crash replacement program.

4.  Helmets qualify for the credit if any of the following exist:

            a.  Obvious structural damage.

            b.  Cracks in the foam liner.

            c.  The helmet has been involved in a substantial crash even without obvious damage.

            d.  Outer shell separation from foam shell.

  e.  Retention system that does not function properly and can not be replaced.


Remember: Weber Sports cares about our customer's safety.  NEVER wear a bicycle helmet that has been involved in an accident, damaged or does not fit properly.

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