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Matter Propel Lethal Inline Speed Wheels

Matter Propel Lethal Inline Speed Wheels
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Price: $20.00
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Matter Propel Lethal Inline Speed Skate Wheel:

Brand new Matter Propel LETHAL indoor wheels is specifically made to turn left, and are perfect for tight indoor turns.  After months of testing, the wheel will be available soon.  However, we've never stopped at just being the best, we continue to develop and push the limits of what is truly possible!  Get the Matter Propel Lethal NOW.

Why Footprint instead of hardness?

The footprint is more important than wheel hardness alone. The footprint is the compression size. In other words, the amount of wheel making contact with the surface. This changes with someone's weight, speed, temperature and becomes even more important when you are on the side of the wheel in the turns.

The smaller the footprint, the harder the wheel.



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