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Cado Motus PRO 4x100 DualBox Frame

Cado Motus PRO 4x100 DualBox Frame
Cado Motus PRO 4x100 DualBox Frame
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Price: $279.00
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Cado Motus 4x100 DualBox Frame

As the name suggests, the PRO is for the performance-driven racer who wants the best in materials. Built on race-winning DualBox3 technology, the PRO is light, super-stiff, and delivers incredible speed, feel and ride quality. The Dualbox3 PRO brings together proven innovation and evolution. In a range of sizes from 12.0 to 13.2, this is an uncompromising 4-wheel 100mm skate. We made the DB3 PRO so that you can be your best, following a simple formula – put you low down over evenly-spaced 100mm wheels on a frame with amazing power transfer and ride quality – and give you the frame length that fits you perfectly.

CONFIGURATION: 4-wheel, 100mm, Even spacing


LENGTH (wheel spacing):

12.0in/304.5mm (101.5mm)

12.4in/315.0mm (105.0mm)

WEIGHT: 209g (12.0in); 216g (12.4in)

DECK HEIGHT: 100mm wheels (50+55mm) 105mm

MOUNTING: 1x Lateral Slot 20mm wide front, 1x Lateral Slot 18mm wide rear, 195mm separation


12.0in = 56mm

12.4in = 61mm

MATERIAL: High Strength WT-3 Aluminium Alloy, DualBox3 Extruded

AXLES: M7, anodized shaft (not head)

GRAPHICS: Full-color sublimated, scratch-resistant

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